Star Call Manager Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 12/12/2005
Initial release of product.

1.25 - 03/20/2006
Added reporting features. 8 new reports available to print out call data.
Also included a print screen report to print the displayed call information.
Added Future Folllow Up date to database and screen. Along with a report to print
Follow ups to be made.

1.50 - 04/25/2006
Added an Area Code lookup/display feature to show the location of where the call came from.
Added option in System Options screen. Allows for automatic additions to Caller database file.

1.60 - 06/27/2006
Added feature to allow for mask editing the phone numbers. This is used mainly for users
outside North America. Changed the size of phone numbers to allow for International
numbers to be entered. Fixed issue with re-indexing sequence for users outside North America.

1.70 - 02/07/07
Fixed misc bugs. Added option to place data outside of root folder. This should correct Vista compatibility issues.

1.71 - 06/18/07
Fixed misc bugs. - Added option to import/export data from the Callers Name files. Added option to change the Company name headings to just Name, if needed.