BoxMinder Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 07/01/2008
Initial release of product.

1.50 - 01/03/2009
Added Advertisements database and selections to be added to notifications being sent out if selected.

1.75 - 02/15/2011
Updated processing options. W7 compatible.

1.80 - 11/30/2011
Changed the notification system for updates.

1.85 - 06/24/2012
Corrected a bug in the Client#/Store# field in the setup screen to not allow blank characters.

2.00 - 10/2/2012
Added a new Notification Type tool to be able to change the type of notification goes out to the customers, such as Mail in box, Package needs to be picked up, Wine has been delivered for pickup. Whatever you need it to say as it is customizable to your specs.

2.50 - 2/27/2013
Added changes to the bar code labels to allow for boxes to contain smaller than 3 digit numbers as those were found to not be scannable by bar code scanners. Added new features to correct some issues in the software. Added a Carrier field on the Enrollment form so a customer can enter their carrier along with their cell number. Had to raise the cost of the initial fee to $79.95 because of increasing costs.

3.00 - 9/30/2015
Added option to export the box file information if needed. Added a report that will print/preview a list of active boxes currently enrolled and their enrollment selections. Added an option to turn off the graphic skin in the program.

3.10 - 11/30/2015
Added option to auto check and display if there are any updates available with an appropriate link to download the latest version. Couple of bug fixes are also included in this update.

4.00 - 9/6/2016
New version 4.00 includes package notifications along with printed package sheets for customers to sign when picking up packages. There is a new feature to keep track of and to notify customers of mailbox renewals. It will send out a series of notifications counting down to when the customer has to pay to renew their box. You can also set to notify the store account of these notifications too, so you know when these notifications are sent out. There is now a mailbox transaction history of each individual box along with the system transaction history.

4.10 - 11/20/2016
Added option to send out a test message to box customers. This will allow to send out a test message when a customer signs up for the service to make sure everything is working correctly. Fixed a couple of minor bugs and menu descriptions.

4.20 - 1/17/2017
Added new PRO version. This version can be purchased and it allows the store to use their own email address to send out the notifications. Also added new report by Renewal Date if using the renewal feature.

4.40 - 2/23/2017
Minor updates. Addedan option to allow for moving of database to another location. Added the option to select a different database - so as to be able to share between two workstations. Fixed an issue with Clearing out the Box File to start over. Added the option to charge on the renewals a yearly fee instead of only a monthly fee. Added an option to to perform a screen print report of a Mailbox record, Can be used for archive purposes before delting one. Changed the initial connection routine to loop twice before erroring out to give system second chance to connect to servers

4.50 - 8/10/2017
Minor updates. Added a printout option to the Box Transactions screen so you can print out the list that is displayed under the particular box. Changed the Font settings on the Box Maintenance screen when it is displayed. Since all the fields are not enabled, you really cannot see the data very well. Change the settings to be the same as the Start Service Date and Begin Rental and End Rental Dates. ADD - Save the package scan information into the box transaction entries. ADD - Allow for lookup filtering of the box transactions so you can search for a particular package that was scanned if needed. ADD - Increase the size of the Box Transaction Description field to 100 characters to be able to store the package scan info. ADD - Added option to send out a message/notification directly from Box Maintenance screen. This is a custom message that will be keyed in at the time of sending.

4.55 - 9/15/2017
Minor update. Bug fix - When using non-monthly renewal charges. If you chose this option to not charge by month, the system was not saving this when a program exit was perfomed.

4.60 - 10/27/2017
Minor updates. Changed the Active report menu selection description to state - Active Notification Participant Boxes. Fixed bug in Box Maintenance to allow for dashes to be placed in the fields. Added a new Vacant Boxes report to show all the Vacant boxes in the system. Added a new Vacate Mailbox option to the Box Maintenance screent that will clear out all the information for the selected box when a customer moves out - vacates the box. It sets up the box for the next rental custome to be added.

4.70 - 4/19/2018
Minor updates. Corrected a few bugs on initial setup process. Added the following SMS entries, U.S. Cellular, Boost, Project FI, Straight Talk. Fixed the main screen button alignment, as it was not centering properly.

5.00 - 5/24/2019
New Version. Added USPS 1583 Form entry and printing. Added on package scans, if the box does not get notified, then add a record to the Transaction file anyway with the tracking information just like if the notification was being sent out. This will only happen if Box record is Active, but Email and SMS not selected. Added an option to only use for mail notifications only, or package notifications only, or both of course.

5.10 - 6/20/2019
Minor updates. Added a new Email Message checking system that will allow you to read the bounced/returned notifications that are being sent out. This is a huge deal as you really never knew that the notifications that you were sending were not reaching their intended destinations. This system will show a notification on your main screen of how many messages are available. Click on the message to display them. You can read them and decipher what the problem is based on the message and take action on fixing the issue. This is needed because if you keep sending out bogus notifications, eventually you will be Blacklisted and will not be able to send out any.

There is a new Report on the Mailbox Maintenance screen called - Information Checkup Form. It will print a recap of the customers information that is in your system so you can give to them to correct any of the invalid information. This should be printed and distributed whenever you get a bounced message so you can update the information in you system.

There are also new lookup search/filter fields on the Mailbox Maintenance screen to allow you to lookup the Cell number used or Notification Emails to find the inaccurate information so you can easily correct it.

5.20 - 9/17/2019
Minor updates. Miscelaneous bug fixes.

6.00 - 10/28/2020
New Version. Added new backup processing system. Many misc. bug fixes and processing fixes.

6.10 - 1/28/2021
Minor Updates. Fixed issue when sending notifications to Gmail accounts when using Office365 accounts in the PRO version. Was not correctly resolving address.

6.20 - 2/15/2021
Minor Updates. Added an option to turn off the Subject from being included in the SMS messages. This cleans up the texts to make it more readable and shorter. Added the Package Tracking number as an option to be sent via email and text for notifications when the package is delivered and scanned for package notifications.

7.00 - 11/21/2021
New Version. Added new Alternate SMS account processing using Twilio SMS services to send out all SMS texts if account is used. Added up to three Cell phone numbers and Services to send texts now. Added Transaction counts to the About page for informational purposes. Added option to SaaS Display email messages, as you can now multiselect and delete multiple emails at once. Added new Edit Mask to email addresses in box notification center so end user does not mistakenly key in invalid email address formats. New Check for Updates now directs to Member Download section to log in and download new builds. Fixed Field edits for mailbox when creating and editing. Some were not enabled and disabled correctly. Changed resizing screens issues. Changed background coloring scheme to more visible as old one caused issues with Windows 11. Now fully compatible with Windows 11. Many other updates and fixes.

7.10 - 12/6/2021
Minor Updates. Fixed issue of timing out if in the middle of a scan process and leave for a while then come back to send notifications. Added key stroke of Del to remove service supplier from field on the mailbox maintenance screen. Fixed some of the editing checks on the mailbox maintenance screen. Corrected issue if no connection during initialization, then turns off options to try to send. But can perform other tasks as needed.

7.20 - 1/8/2022
Minor Updates. Added option to turn off the check for Internet Connection while initializing the application. This is only to correct really slow systems or internet connection speeds as it was falsely flagging that there is not a connection. Added new Internet Connection indicator to main screen to show if connected or not. This is displayed by a green or red indicator light on the bottom right corner of screen. Cleaned up initialization routines as too many error messages if connections not made. Updated Help text to reflect new options along with added Error meanings.

7.30 - 1/19/2022
Minor Updates. Added option to be able to turn off the renewal notices for selected box customers. This option if turned on, will allow you to select individual box customers to not receive renewal notices during the notification periods as they come due. This would be normally be used when customers pay monthly, or are setup for an autopay option so they do not receive notifications when they will be auto charged on renewal date. This option is only available in the system setup if using the renewal feature in the application. If selected, will add an option to bypass in the box maintenance screen for each customer.

7.40 - 4/28/2022
Minor Updates. Aded new option to Backup/Restore process to be able to select the actual files/tables to be backed up. This option would be used if the application is being used on two separate workstations and are passing backups back and forth and only need one or so of the files to be transported back and forth. So if one workstation is used to log customers and payments, and the other is used for say scanning and notifications, you can backup the customer workstation selecting only the box file and restoring onto the transaction workstation. This would make the transaction station the live data host. Or, vice-versa as such. This is not the norm, but is available if needed.

8.00 - 12/19/2022
New Version. Added new communications processing to allow for changes made by ISP's to connect to accounts. Added new internal database changes for upcoming processes to be implemented. Added new ISP provider for SaaS accounts, as original is being phased out. Changed processing routines so as to allow for multiple workstations to access database if needed.

8.03 - 1/12/2023
Minor Updates. Fixed issues with sending multiple notifications.

8.04 - 1/15/2023
Minor Updates. Fixed duplicate sending issues with sending multiple notifications.

8.10 - 5/11/2023
Minor Updates. Added new ISP provider for SaaS accounts, as original is being phased out.

8.30 - 9/11/2023
Minor Update to fix PS form 1583