Star Bill of Lading Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 6/01/2000
Initial final product.

1.50 - 5/03/2001
Changed product into shareware. Placed on the Net for all to use. Fixed a couple minor bugs.

1.75 - 6/29/2001
Added feature for Collect Customers, also fixed a few bugs in the evaluation version.

1.76 - 8/24/2001
Changed some of the wording in the Conditions statement.

2.00 - 10/15/2001
Reworked the whole system. Using a new Database, along with a multitude of new features.
New User Interface too.

2.01 - 10/16/2001
Changed to allow for Carrier# to be modified or changed. Added Address to Consignment field drop down field.

2.10 - 10/21/2001
Changed the sytem to remove the Carrier# from the program. Was not needed. Also, added a Description file to the program. This is used to make it easier to enter frequently used items or descriptions into the BOL. Also added this function to the Deatil lines as lookup fields. Changed the Special Instructions field to be longer and more formated.

2.11 - 11/05/2001
Fixed a problem with the description of articles entry. The entry field did not stop entry at 35 characters, which is the size of the field in the file.

2.11 - 11/29/2001
Added Network Version

2.50 - 1/23/2002
Major revisions. Added new Fields, Reports, Shipping Labels, Multiple Shippers, along with other functions.

2.51 - 3/25/2002
Changed structure of BOL Number to reflect a larger number possibility. Was limited to 32k numbers.

2.52 - 4/10/2002
Select Shipper Menu option off the Edit Menu did not bring up Shipper Screen.

3.00 - 9/24/2002
Major release. Added many new features that allow for more customization in the program. Created a new Bill of Lading form that reflects recent changes by the Department of Transportation. Added C.O.D. processing, Unit of Measure fields, NMFC codes, along with many more. Extended the Description of Articles/Line Items length to 75 characters. Added totals for Pcs along with Weights. Allow for different Shipping Labels to be printed. Multiple Page BOL's. Added PDF creation of BOL's for emailing to customers, carriers, etc. User Entered BOL#'s, Can now print Blank BOL's. Many other enhancements included.

3.01 - 10/1/2002
Minor fixes. Also added a second Description/Item field that can be used in the Item/Description file. Options to add Consignee's, Carriers, and Items during a lookup. Added option to automatically print Terms and Conditions report after BOL printout if you choose to do so. Option to automatically capitalize the Description lines or not.

3.11 - 11/14/2002
Minor fixes. Added a Default Weight Description to be printed on the BOL form.

4.00 - 3/15/2003
Major release. Added many new fields and features. More customization and personalization options. Added PRO number processing, Contacts, easier shipper selections. Added Purge capabilities, Backup and Restore functions. Changes to the BOL form for easier readability. To many small changes to list. Corrected minor bugs. Re-wrote the help text, for usability.

4.01 - 4/9/2003
Fixed minor error - page numbering misprinted on multiple page BOL’s.

4.02 - 5/23/2003
Fixed minor error - Corrected the Copy/New function. Added InkJet print feature to remove shaded boxes.

4.03 - 9/16/2003
Corrected a form printing problem. Also, corrected the backup/restore system.

4.04 - 11/4/2003
Minor fix to Copy/New feature if using System Wide BOL’s.

5.00 - 12/1/2004
Major release. Added many new features. New Reports. Option to email bills. Many requests
from our customers have been added.

5.01 - 12/7/2004
Minor fix to avoid disabled focus error.

5.02 - 12/11/2004
Minor fix on modifiable BOL# entry and Consignee addition to database on the fly under certain circumstances.

5.03 - 12/13/2004
Minor fix to Copy/New procedure. Added New Software Update Checking routine.

5.04 - 12/17/2004
Minor fix to Shipper selection drop down. Also fixed data conversion issue from earlier editions.

6.00 - 12/5/2005
Major release. Added many new features. New reports, along with many requests from our customers have been added.

6.01 - 1/18/2006
Minor fix applied to the Bar Code Style shipping label. Was causing print problems on Zebra printers. Now uses the latest drivers from Zebra.

6.02 - 1/25/2006
Minor fix applied to the pre-printed Dot-Matrix forms printing.

6.03 - 2/3/2006
Minor fix/change to remove the initial Splash screen.

6.10 - 5/31/2006
Minor fixes/changes. Fixed - email system calls, totaling of items weight, qty now are not dependent on each other.
Added - extra export bol fields, margin adjustment for blank paper dot-matrix printing.
Removed the usage of oxp files, now using registry. Added two new reports - Daily Shipping Log and Shipper Per Productivity reports.

6.20- 7/15/2006
Minor fix/changes. Added a Pro number generation feature to be used to create Pro#'s for each Carrier if defined.

6.30 - 9/18/2006
Minor fixes/changes. Added a Freight Charge field to main screen. This field does not print on the Bills, but will print on the Shipping Report. This is only used for internal purposes if you want to use it as it can be turned on or off. Added changes to the import sales file, not you can import a full sales order file to be loaded. Added new search grid to make it easier to find/lookup previous bulls. Misc. fixes and small changes added.

6.40 - 10/18/2006
Minor fixes/changes. Added new Batch printing options to allow for batch printing selections and printing of shipping labels during the process. Added BOLD printing options to th BOL Qty's and Weight fields, along with the Totals on the printed BOL to make this stand out more. Misc. fixes and small changes also added.

6.45 - 11/10/2006
Minor fixes/changes. Added process that will allow you to change the assignment of Shipper to an already created bill. Also added option to allow for printing and entry of Product Id on the Bills. Added a lookup code for the 3rd Party Billing file. This makes it easier to lookup 3rd Party biller records during entry of bills.

6.46 - 11/20/2006
Minor fixes/changes. Adjustment to the Product ID field. If using Product ID and not using NMFC codes, then Product ID size increases to 20 characters. Added option for Product ID field entry on detail line where you can just enter the Product ID number into the detail line field and it will retrieve the Product information and load the other fields with the default information.

6.47 - 12/01/2006
Minor fixes/changes. Changes made for Terminal Services Customers.

6.50 - 2/21/2007
Minor changes/fixes. - Added option to allow for 2 Qty's and 2 UM's. Changed the screen processing to allow for re-sizing. Added a disconnect link between Consignees and Deliver tos. Updates to the BOL Export to Excel file, added more fields. Updates to the email bol feature. Fixed the Backup routine. Many internal changes to processing.

6.60 - 6/15/2007
Minor changes/fixes - Added a new Shipping label for a barcode style printer - 4x3 size. Fixed an issue with printing a bill to PDF, caused issues.
Added a Password login feature. You can set up 3 different levels of security, Administrator, User, and View only. Misc fixes.

7.00 - 5/22/2009
Major release. Added many new features. Many fixes, along with many requests from our customers have been added.

7.05 - 6/26/2009
Minor changes/fixes - corrected BOL Lookup/Search screen.  Was incorrectly listing/selecting past bills.  Corrected bug with upgrades in regards to the impbol file.

7.10 - 7/09/2009
Minor changes/fixes. Fixed an issue with the importing of orders when selecting a valid Sales Order number, and pressing Enter. It used to error because of the button that was used int the program. We have replaced all of these style buttons in the program which corrected this issue. Also, corrected a few more small issues that we found.

7.15 - 9/02/2009
Minor changes/fixes - corrected BOL Lookup/Search screen.  Was incorrectly listing/selecting past bills in reference to the selected shipper. It was displaying all bills, not just the bills for the selected shipper.

7.25 - 10/14/2009
Minor changes/fixes - Added new Mandatory Fields screen under the Setup menu, Displayed/Options fields selection. Mandatory field selections have been added to make the user enter information into the selected fields. If information has not been added, then the user will not be able to print the selected bill.

7.26 - 10/16/2009
Minor changes/fixes - Added a dbl-loop selection in the system settings to handle issues with emailing bills under the MAPI email process.

7.30 - 04/03/2010
Minor changes/fixes - corrected the font size selection of the legal notes printing of the setup section.

7.35 - 04/27/2010
Minor changes/fixes - corrected PRO# printing on shipping labels.

7.40 - 05/31/2010
Minor changes/fixes - Added a new selection for Canadian Shippers. Will change the printing on the bills to reflect Ministry of Transportation instead of DOT. Will also change Hazardous Material reference to Dangerous Goods. (HM-DG)

7.50 - 07/12/2010
Minor changes/fixes - fixed an issue with the shipping label - 5165 label - would not print the label pieces. ie. 1 of 3... Added a Default Shipper Per field to the Users file.  If used, will automatically fill in the Shipper Per field in the program. Corrected some printing issues of BOL, as it was cutting off the ends of some fields.

7.55 - 07/22/2010
Minor changes/fixes - fixed an issue with the pro# bar code being printed and sizing.

7.56 - 08/12/2010
Minor changes/fixes - fixed an issue with the PDF, EXCEL creation of printed reports and bills.

7.60 - 08/23/2010
Minor changes/fixes - fixed a data location reset issue.

7.70 - 10/18/2010
Minor changes/fixes - Corrected bugs - When printing barcodes for BOL#, and using the printed BOL# from Customer Order, Our Order, Carrier#, etc, it was not printing the correct value in the barcode. When you select 3rd Party billing and enter a billing address, then later change to Collect or N/A, it now clears out the Send Bill to address section. Changed option for DOT Reg Number to Registered Company for DOT requirements of HAZMAT shipping. This prints above the Emergency Contact information on the bill. While printing the reports, you now have the option to select all the Shippers or the selected shipper to print from. Additions - Added a Filter bar to the Consignee maintenance grid so you do not have to scroll all the way down to maintain a select shipper. Just key in the Consignee ID or Beginning name and it will filter out the one you are looking for. Added PRO# to the Excel Spreadsheet Export. Added a switch to remove the Deliver To if Different fields from the main screen for customers that never use them, so they do not have to tab through these fields. Added an option for Lots on the main screen. This is if you do not use the NMFC codes for Hazmat, as it replaces the NMFC codes with Lots on the screen and printed bill.

7.71 - 10/21/2010
Minor changes/fixes - Corrected bugs.

7.72 - 10/25/2010
Minor changes/fixes - Corrected bugs with screen layout and Lot processing.

7.75 - 12/22/2010
Minor changes/fixes - Bug fixes with BOL print options - was not printing Deliver to Contact Name.

7.76 - 12/30/2010
Minor changes/fixes - Bug fixes with Pro# barcode print, sometimes would print if not slecected under certain conditions - corrected. 5165 label printing issues with skid count printing corrected. Added new options: If using Password Security option, you can now turn off the option for Users to not be able to Change/Reset Printed BOL Status, as this would only be allowed under Admin rights in the program. Added option to not print the BOL# on bills, used only if using pre-printed forms that are already printed with BOL# on them.

7.77 - 2/7/2011
Minor change - When processing a Detail Line Item with a UM (Unit of Measure) of PLT (Pallet), this Qty will not be added as a piece count total on the bill.  It will be now be ignored.  If you wish to add a pallet to the quantity totals, a UM of SKID should be used as it will be added to the totals for pieces.  These items will still be added to the total weights as the weight will still be accumulated.

7.78 - 3/8/2011
Minor fixes - During import process of BOL's, if there was a 3rd Party Biller, it was not properly being added to new bills. Also corrected and issue with null UM not calculating pieces totals. Corrected issue with Auto Adding Consignees during entry of bills.

7.80 - 5/31/2011
Minor changes - Added new default fields to the Shipper Setup screen for the following fields. Carrier, Route, Special Instructions, and BOL Message. If you enter a value into these fields, they will be added to new bills as the default entries for those fields. Changed the Shipper selection grid to allow for sorting of Shipper records by Name. Address1, or Shipper number. Fixed some minor bugs in the program. - 6/10/2011
Minor fixes - Changed the wording and layout of backup and restore procedure as it was confusing for some. Fixed a couple issues with printing blank and blind BOL's. - 8/14/2011
Minor fixes - Corrected issues during upgrading with NE was causing errors when one workstation upgraded and and older version was run inadvertently. Corrected issues with Default Carrier information not being loaded correctly on first bill if using default Carriers assigned to Consignees.

7.84 - 9/21/2011
Minor changes/fixes - Added a new report to program called Shipping Report 2. You can print/preview or create an Excel spreadsheet with this layout and information. - 11/8/2011
Minor fix - Corrected printing of Contact and Deliver to Phone numbers if reverse printing option is selected.

7.85 - 1/9/2012
Minor changes/fixes - Added a new Product Shipment report that will show you what products have been shipped, selected by Date range, Product ID or Description along with Consignee selections. Created option for MOD7 check digit to be implemented and added to the PRO# creation process for selected Carriers.

7.85.3 - 2/12/2012
Minor changes/fixes - Added an option to define using Outlook as your MAPI email program to send emails. If selected, it will now place a prefix of smtp: in front of the email address so that Outlook can resolve the email address and sent out the emails correctly. Corrected Barcode Style Shipping label if large consignee name, will reduce the font size so it fits on the label correctly.

7.86 - 4/26/2012
Minor changes/additions - Added an option to define a customized email message to be sent to the Consignee upon shipment of material. This email message can contain the Tracking information to the Carriers web site if defined, which will allow the Consignee to click on the link to display the Carriers web site tracking information to determine deliver expectancy of the shipment.

7.86.1 - 5/20/2012
Minor changes/additions - Added a selection to either allow for PLT (Pallets) UM to be included in the piece count totals or not. Changed the email routine component for better control over the sending feature. Fixed a bug in regards to the Lot report selection screen. Bug fixed in the Daily Shipping Log. 

7.86.2 - 6/04/2012
Minor changes/fixes - Corrected issues with Modifiable BOL's if no records existed for shipper. When new BOL was created for Modifiable BOL#, the system was not creating the defaults selections for the defined shipper. Corrected BOL Re-Index program to select the default data location correctly. 

7.86.3 - 6/05/2012
Minor fix.

7.86.4 - 6/12/2012
Minor change/addition - Added a Pro# barcode selection to allow for printing of the Pro# barcode to the shipping labels.

7.86.5 - 6/13/2012
Minor fixes - Shipping Label adjustments corrected.

7.86.6 - 8/21/2012
Minor fixes - Corrected a XP Issue regarding window sizing error.

7.87 - 1/15/2013
Minor fixes/changes. Added a Total Quantity field to the detail lines per D.O.T. requirements.

7.87.1 - 2/18/2013
Minor fixes/changes. Corrected a bug when upgrading from previous version and accidently re-running an older version from another workstation. This should only effect Network Edition.

7.87.2 - 2/20/2013
Minor fixes/changes. Changed the BOL print to state for 3rd Party Billing selection to 'THIRD PARTY FREIGHT CHARGES BILL TO' instead of 'Third Party Billing Information'.

8.00 - 8/1/2013
Major release. Added many new features and fixes. Increased the Shipper number field to 10 characters. Added options for Add-in programs to be added to the system. Added new Custom Report Writer add-in.

8.10.0 - 10/25/2013
Minor fixes/changes. Added an option to print bills to Legal sized paper (8 1/2" x 14"). Using this option will allow for up to 30 detail lines to be printed on each page of the bill.

8.30 - 1/9/2014
Minor changes/addition - Added a new search detail screen option. This will allow for more options for searching past bills. You can now search the detail items, part numbers, classes, etc. You can filter out records in the new grid to narrow things down.

8.40 - 4/15/2014
Minor changes/addition - Added feature to allow for Add-in of Custom Report Designer integration into the program. This new feature will allow for you to create and maintain your own custom reports using the Bill of Lading data. Added a screen shot feature to the About page to the user can easily create a screen shot and automatically send this along with system settings directly to the Support staff to help in any diagnostic issues that may arise. Fixed a bug with the Consignee ID being keyed into the Consignee name field and selecting the incorrect ID. Put into place other Add-in hooks for future features and options.

8.50 - 8/15/2014
Minor fixes/changes - Changed the resizing issues with the Displayed/Options Fields screen. Created new icons for the install to correct the look on the desktop if using larger resolution sizing. Removed the search icon from the main screen as it was no longer useful. Changed the Custom Fields screen to display each custom display and printed fields separately instead of grid. Removed some outdated components that were no longer used. Fixed the User defined fields Reset option.  Updated the Workstation Configuration Setup Utility. Misc fixes and changes.

8.60 - 10/28/2014
Minor fixes/changes - Added an option to display a charges field to the detail line items. This option will allow for entry of an individual charge amount per detail line item and to print the charges on the bill. Selecting this charge field for display will automatically remove the NMFC codes from entry along with printing. Added an option for a default Signature name to be auto entered into the Section 7 section of the printed bill. Misc fixes.

8.65 - 11/21/2014
Minor fixes/changes - Added an option when sending emails internally in the program to allow you to select either the Consignee email address (default), or to select the Carriers email address if entered in the Carrier record.  Fixed the Excel spreadsheet reports in the Reporting section,as they were not properly selecting out the the records based on the selected Shipper.

8.75 - 06/19/2015
Minor fixes/changes - If Shipper is set to default COLLECT, blank out the default bill to address when creating a bill. Do the same if selecting a Consignee that has a default of Collect. When printing the Terms and Conditions with the BOL, if you choose a different printer than the default for the workstation, it will only print the BOL and not the Terms as that is sent to the default printer for that workstation. They both will now print to the selected printer. Changed the option on the grid search under the Consignee maintenance to use an asterisk for the find bar instead of a % sign. Add an option to clear the filter bar - ESC. Added a Filter Bar option to the Search BOL's screen. On the 5165 labels - Added the option to print the order# if the PRO number is also selected. If the Total Qty's or the Total Weight contains a zero value, do not print the zeros. Added the following fields to be imported during import BOL option: Tare, Net, Qty2, UM2. During the import process of bills, if there is a Customer ID number entered in their import file and no customer name/address, then perform a lookup and load this information from the Consignee file. Added a screen to the program to be able to view the import records for the bill creation. This will show the data in the impbol file off the load orders screen. Included an option to clear the data file and also the import option as on the other screens. Fixed the issue with Bold Qty and/or Weight line items during the print process if over 9 items on the bill. Fixed Thermal 4x3 label as it was overrunning on the address lines. Added option to now be able to send BOL's via email using Office365 and Gmail accounts. Also corrected some issues with internal email processing.

8.76 - 10/17/2015
Minor bug fixes.

8.80 - 12/15/2015
Minor updates - Added option to auto check and display if there are any updates available with an appropriate link to download the latest version. Couple of bug fixes are also included in this update.

8.82 - 1/19/2016
Minor fixes/changes - Changed the heading for the Total Quantity detail line field to User 11 Detail to allow for custom usage if needed. Added selection for Canadian DG Consignor's Certification statement to use the Consignor's Certification SOR/2014-152 Section 3.61 per Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations. Fixed bug in Consignee Manifest Report, was not selecting correct data range.

9.00 - 12/1/2016
Major release. Added many new features and fixes. Changed all the screens to allow for larger viewing of data and text. Removed ads.ini file usage and replaced with Registry option to alleviate security issues and Virtual Store problems. Can now create and move data folder internally. Replaced many internal options to allow for new growth path and future enhancements. Upgraded to new Uniform Terms and Conditions printout to reflect new NMFTA standards for Straight Bill of Lading.

9.10 - 1/23/2017
Minor updates - Added new option to automatically perform an orderly shut down of the application if it is running and there is inactivity on the workstation for 3 hours.  This will allow the release of data files as to help prevent possible index and data corruptions.

9.20 - 2/23/2017
Minor updates. Added the option to print a bar code of the Carrier Number on the printed bill. Added a new filter row and expansion grid for Shippers on the Shipper Selection/Setup screen to allow for easier selection if ausing many Shippers in the software. Added new import and export options to allow for latest version of MS Excel formats.

9.30 - 4/10/2017
Minor updates - Added options to create drop down database lookups for all the custom defined fields in the BOL like the Customer Order Number, Our Order Number, Route, Shipper Per, Dept, Carrier#, Trailer#, and Seal#.  These fields can be custom named as before, but with an added option to create and store a database list of these items to be used as a drop down lookup during BOL entry. These additions can be found on the Display/Fields Settings in the Setup section of the software.

9.40 - 5/22/2017
Minor updates - Added new User option of Limited access to allow the User to create BOL's, but not have access to the file maintenance screens to limit access to changing or deleting records from the system data files. Expanded the Shipper drop down selection field on the main screen to be able to re-size and show Shipper name and Address1 for users that have multiple shippers with the same name, but different addresses to make the selection process easier.

9.41 - 5/31/2017
Minor fixes - Corrected a bug in the Shipper selection drop down on the main screen. Was sometimes selecting the incorrect shipper during first run. Also, added the Shipper Number field to the same drop down field grid for selection.

9.45 - 8/21/2017
Minor updates/fixes. - Corrected a bug when using Modifiable BOL# as the User definition for Shipper Per was not loading properly. Added an feature in the Network Edition that on first run the record displayed will automatically be locked/disabled. If user would like to edit this record, they must click on the Edit button that is displayed, or the Edit menu, Edit BOL Record option. This only displays if System Option - Disable Printed BOL lock is checked, or if the displayed Bill has not been printed.

9.46 - 10/31/2017
Minor updates - Changed the MOD7 Pro# check digit processing for the Pro# creation process to allow a 10th digit to be used in the Pro# assignment scheme.

9.50 - 11/13/2017
Minor updates - Added the Check Digit PRO# processing for YRC. Modified the pro number field sizes to make them larger in the Carrier file. If using the PRO# creation process in the Carrier file, and you have the PRO# selected in the Mandatory fields, it would stop you from printing. This has been corrected.

9.52 - 3/30/2018
Minor Updates - Added a new routine to the new BOL procedure to process a database refresh on the Ctrl file and System file. Removed the update routine from the Network Edition. This will now only inform user of an available update, but they will have to download and install on each workstation with instructions so that all workstations are updated at one time to help stop issues when performing an update.

9.53 - 5/01/2018
Minor Updates - Corrected a bug when printing 5163 labels. System was not saving the printer selection information correctly.

9.54 - 6/22/2018
Minor Update - Changed the Workstation Configuration Setup Utility to allow for manual entry of UNC path incase they cannot browse directly to another computer for stored database location. Fixed bug on the Print 2 PDF button as it was moving on the screen if certain settings were turned on. Added a BOL# Heading Prefix to print in front of the BOL# heading on the printed bill if needed. Updated the Backup/Restore procedure to create an enhanced backup of database. Created a new application to clear out the saved program settings to reset back to the default display settings.

9.55 - 9/15/2018
Minor Update - Changed routine during startup to allow you to not create a new set of database files or clear out selection if the already selected location is not valid. This has been done in case a network location is not valid for a period of time due to network issues. Will allow you to just shut down and try again later.

10.00 - 3/7/2019
Major release. Added many new features and fixes. Added a user defined detail field database lookup for original Total Qty field. Added batch printing of 4x3 labels if being used during batch BOL printing. Created new Backup application. Added options to db for upcoming features.

10.10 - 4/12/2019
Minor Update - Changed the location of the Import and Export specifications to store in the database location folder. Corrected the import BOL process to include the correct associated fields in the Carrier database. Fixed the BOL# bar code and Pro# bar code selection, cannot have both selected. Misc. fixes/bugs.

10.20 - 5/20/2019
Minor Update - Added a Unit Weight to the main screen entry if option is turned on.  This will be used to calculate the line item Weight field.  Qty*Unit Weight = Weight.  Weight field can still be overwritten manually if needed.  Changed the layouts of BOL Detail and Import tables.

10.30 - 06/28/2019
Minor Update - Fixed a couple of bugs along with the printed BOL layout as there as a box out of alignment.

10.35 - 07/11/2019
Minor Update - Added an error check process for compatibility of application version against database version during initial startup.

10.40 - 10/04/2019
Minor Update - Added a system option to print the Standard Anti-Diversion Clause on the printed bill. This is for U.S. Only Exporting options and will only be used and processed using the Laser printer option. Does not function with the pre-printed forms.

11.00 - 5/15/2020
Major release. Added all new database lookup screens because the old ones were too small and not resizable. Added a new Workstation Configuration Setup Utility for better browsing of database locations. Added Consignee and Deliver to heading labels to the labels file to be able to customize on the screen and printed BOL if you choose. Added a new system control file for internal usage. Created an option to print Return BOL's - this is a check mark on the main screen, and if checked will reverse print the Consignee and Shipper field information on the printed BOL. Replaced all the menus with resizable menus to match the resizing of the screens. Replaced old Backup and Restore application with a new one.

11.01 - 05/27/2020
Minor Update - Corrected Upper Case entries to field entries. Corrected tab order on field settings screen.

11.10 - 07/21/2020
Minor Update - Changed/fixed the database lookup filtering bar fields to properly filter the selections during a lookup.

11.20 - 08/31/2020
Minor Update - Added a new option to the system options to be able to turn off the printing of the order numbers on the shipping labels.  Updated the system utility for index rebuilding.

11.30 - 09/17/2020
Minor Update - Fixed an issue with the Deliver to selections. If bill is already created, and select Deliver to, it did not associate with the displayed Consignee when dropping down for selection. Also, the same when selecting Deliver to maintenance. This was only an issue when linked Consignee and Deliver to is used and editing an existing BOL. New - On the reports selection screen, now saving the selected printers used to print the reports for recall next time printing instead of using the default printer on workstation. Fixed issues with new searches for Carriers using the Carrier Edition.

11.40 - 11/17/2020
Minor Update - Fixed an issue with the Product ID lookup (F2) was defaulting to Description field lookup. Also fixed option if only want to use Product ID for lookup, it will now lookup using Product ID if you are using any of the grid fields, based on system selection to do so.  Added a backup prompt on exit option, along with an auto backup option for the Single User Editions.  Added Outlook email send to setup, as based on Outlook 365 and Outlook 64 bit application. Windows has started not allowing direct MAPI connections to these products, so added a new connection and send option. It will send directly to Outlook Outbox, then will send during your selected Outlook settings.

11.50 - 01/7/2021
Minor Update - Added a new option for creating PDF's of the bills.  You can now setup the system to create the set of bills in the PDF that you wish to save, and or send via email. In the past it would only create a 1 page PDF.  Now if setup it will create a PDF containing all the pages of the BOL that can saved or emailed.  If not setup, it will process as it has done in the past.  There is also an option to open and display a newly created and saved PDF if you choose do so.  When saving the PDF's, you can now specify where you would like them saved outside of your Documents folder, which was/is the default location.

11.55 - 01/18/2021
Minor Update - Fixed issues with the Sales Order Import process.  Was not correctly adding records if multiple shippers are used and multiple shippers in the import database.  Solved  issue of defaults being loaded incorrectly.  Corrected full load import issues.

11.56 - 01/28/2021
Minor Update - Fixed issue with Sales Order Import process 3rd Party billing information.  Updated Backup/Restore application to include Import/Export specs if in the database folder.

11.60 - 05/12/2021
Minor Update - Fixed an issue with the Detail Line Item lookup.  Was incorrectly displaying selection.  Changed the db real/load settings for the Search BOL's. and the Search BOL Detail loads to speed up the displaying of the screens for searching.

12.00- 02/22/2022
Major Release - Added a multi-selection on the Maintenance screen grids to allow for Deletion of Multiple records from the databases with confirmation by pressing the Delete key after selecting. This option will need to be turned on under the System Settings to allow for this operation to be performed. Fixed Item Lookup on Description field, if Use Product ID override on Shipper Search selection is selected when using the ellipsis selection to search and not F2. Added option to remove hyperlinks designation on the printed BOL output fields so in the case of adding and email address it does not change the output to blue underlined link output. Can be turned back on if needed. Added two more description fields to the description file so when selected it can create 1-4 detail lines on the BOL. Added internal options to allow for new automated processes to be added in upcoming updates. Multiple bug fixes/updates.

12.10 - 03/22/2022
Minor Update - Fixed issue with displaying Haz Reg Number field if used only on some shippers. Added printing shipping labels in the background. Added option for allowing more than 99 labels to be printed at one time, now allows 9999 as the max number. Fixed Shipper Setup/Select screen issue with not staying on top of the application if clicking off it on a maximized main screen. Was possibly causing application to lock.

12.20 - 06/13/2022
Minor Update - Fixed the bugs in the export routine wizards. The table fields were not automatically being selected in the Consignee, Deliver to's, and Descriptions files.  Added a new Export option to the 3rd Party file.

12.30 - 06/28/2022
Minor Update - Added option to turn off the weight totals from the bill along with the reports. Added option to put additional header fields above the Qty and UM fields. With this option, you can put in say - HANDLING UNIT and PACKAGE if you choose to do so.

12.40 - 08/01/2022
Minor Update - Fixed issue with running under a VM environment. Fix had to do with adding Port access to DB path in WCSU if using ADS C/S Software. Was not firing access to ADS in a VM situation. Can now add Port designation to DB path to function correctly.

12.50 - 09/07/2022
Minor Update - Added new Tonnage Shipped Report. Can print or preview. Can select customer order number or use wildcard % to select customer order numbers partials.