Star Bill of Lading Testimonials

Customer TestimonialsHi - would like you to know that your bol product is fantastic - easy to use - just installed the upgrade and I like this version as the print seems larger - your product has saved me lots of time by copying previous bols to new ones and clicking on certain boxes and done - less typing - love it!!! And any questions I have had have been answered promptly and with professionalism...thanks for making my job much easier!!!


Customer TestimonialsYour BOL software is amazing, it's user friendly and not to much error you can do on it. For our business its time saving, and looks professional. If I had someone who's looking for a software like this I would refer Starresoft programs.
The thing I like most about your program is that I could really personalize it . Thank you.

Alston G
Cool Storage of Las Vegas

Customer TestimonialsThe Bills of Lading are now so much faster to do. Before using StarreSoft software I used a word processor machine, not Microsoft. I typed on pre-printed forms which had sections I had to type in the information. I would highly recommend your program. If you have questions we can rely on getting a really quick response. I like that it has cut back on my processing of the bills of lading and if I need to change something, it can be redone in seconds. I had asked a shipping company we work with to give me some suggestions on how to update our bills of lading. So glad she recommended Starre Soft. Now our Bills of Lading look so professional.
Thank you so much!!

Patricia D
Medi-Ray, Inc.

Customer Testimonials Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know what a great job Chris did when we were having trouble with our bill of lading program. He knew what he was doing, he was a big help and he was very patient with us. It's always a pleasure to deal with people that know what they are doing. Good Job!

Quincy Polymers, Inc.

Customer TestimonialsIowa Base has used Star Bill of Lading for 7 years it works great for us. Customer support is great. If anyone asks about any of the Star products I say it works very well. We like it because it is easy to use and keeps any training to a minimum.

Joel LaRue
Iowa Base, Inc.

Customer TestimonialsIt is user friendly, simple to understand. You can always try the sample before you buy
It retains all your information so you don't have to enter the info again.

Susie Odom
Warehouse Rack

Customer TestimonialsWe ship our own products as well as do drop shipping for five of our customers. With Starresoft BOL, we not only have the different shippers shown, it has their logo too. Very professional looking.
With the network version both people that do the BOL have full access to the data, previous bills, etc. .

Oh, I should also mention that many of our shipments are duplicates or close to previous shipments. Rather than type all the information
each time, we just call up a previous BOL and use the information for the new one.

Ed Pawlowski
Foam Concepts, Inc.

Customer TestimonialsStarre BOL streamlined the process of preparing well organized and detailed Bills of Lading for our flat bed trailer shipments to our customers, and provides a detailed record and database that is invaluable to us for records and follow up reference.

I would tell a friend that Starre BOL is a solid, reliable product that will do everything you would want in preparing BOLs, Its very user friendly, and so easy to use, and quite affordable.

My favorite feature is the ability to personalize the printed BOLs with our company logo.

Thank you Starre for a great product!

Joe Seawright
S&N Airflo, Inc.


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