Upgrade Information Area


This area is for our current customers using the Star Bill of Lading Program, and are looking to upgrade to version 12.xx. Before deciding whether or not to upgrade, be sure you are current with your licensing. Your original license on your purchase is for a period of 1 year, this allows you all Updates, and Upgrades for the purchased product. If your license expired, you can still upgrade to the latest edition, but you will be charged for the upgrade. If you are unsure about your license or expiration date, please contact us using our Help Desk. We will give you your licensing status. After installation of the upgrade/update, you may be asked for the Registration Codes again. If you do not have your original, or the original codes do not work with this upgraded version, please contact us for a request of new codes. You will need to include all of your contact and original information, and we will search our database of licenses. If you are a valid licensed user, then we will issue new ones if needed, send you your old ones, or inform you of what you need if anything.

To upgrade your software, follow these instructions:
1. Find out what version you are using. To do this, run the program, then click on the Help menu on top of the screen, then click on About... This will display a window with the version number listed.

2. Just download the upgrade software and install it.

3. Below you will find information about the conversion programs that need to be run after the installation of version 12.xx. These programs are currently only for those of you upgrading from version 4x or above. If you are at a version prior to 4x then please contact us via our Help Desk and we will give you instructions on how you can upgrade from there.

4. To run the conversion program after you install the latest version, just click on Star, Programs, Star Bill of Lading, Utilities, Convert Data from Older version. This will run the conversion program and ask you what version you are converting from. Be sure to select the correct version. Then it will ask you where the data resides that you are converting. Normally, if you installed to the defaults, they are already set up. Otherwise, just select where previous version data files are located.

Star Bill of Lading 12.xx Single User Edition Upgrade

Star Bill of Lading 12.xx Network Edition Upgrade



If you are a customer of a previous version of the Star Bill of Lading software package, and did not purchase the extended Support Maintenance license, we have an option available to purchase the upgrade at a reduced price. Below are the options we have available to past customers. This is not the case if you are current with your Support Maintenance llicense. Upon purchase of the Upgrade, you will be e-mailed the registration codes upon past purchase verification. If you need to download the software, the codes will unlock the downloaded trial version to the registered version. You will need your old registration code to process the upgrade purchase.

Purchase Single User Edition Upgrade for only $180.00

Purchase Network Edition Upgrade for only $380.00

If you have any questions prior to performing these conversions, please contact via our Help Desk.