Star Check Writer Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 7/15/2006
Initial release of product.

1.50 - 11/25/2006
Minor changes/fixes.
Added a drop down selection fot he Account on the main screen. This will only display if using multiple accounts.
Added a report to print the History of Transactions.
Added a report to print the Amount paid to each Payee.
Added option to print the reports to either paper, pdf, excel documents for further processing.
Added option to Enter Hand Written Checks.
Added option to Enter ATM transactions to Accounts, this allows for Deposits and Withdrawals to be posted to History.
Added option to fill the Amount Wording with Asterisks to the Right.
Added option to remove the Dollars wording from the Amount wording.
Fixed all known bugs.

1.60 - 3/1/2007
Minor changes/fixes.
Added option to allow for different Currency words and Symbols to be used.
Changes to make Windows Vista Compatible

2.00 - 7/12/2009
New version release with many new updates and fixes as requested by customers. Added new screen designs, ability to resize screens. Many fixes and changes to improve the package. New data features to allow for upcoming additions. Allows for larger sized check amounts to be entered.

2.01 - 7/13/2009
Minor changes/fixes. Added option to allow for date selection to include the following date formats. YY MM DD, and YY MM DD; This is used for our friends up north.

2.11 - 7/18/2009
Fixed issue with printing value of check range between 110000.00 and 119999.99 as it was not creating the correct word amount. Also added another Date Masking option of Y Y M M D D.

2.12 - 7/22/2009
Fixed issue with printing large check amounts as it was cutting off the word value based on original spacing allotment.

2.15 - 7/27/2009
Fixed issue with printing asterisks after the word value if using a larger font size.

2.20 - 8/20/2009
Fixed issue with printing of word amount, as there has been reports of the zero being cut off at end of /100..

2.25 - 2/20/2010
Added a reset of screen sizing.  This has been brought up in some instances where the screen sizing could not be changed.  Added an option to reset back to original sizing.  Added the Default Check Amount display when using the drop down of the Payee on the check.

3.00 - 1/11/2011
New version release with many new updates and fixes as requested by customers. Added the option to print to Voucher Style checks.  New options to print addresses on the checks if needed.  Also integrated with Star Envelope Printer Pro for printing envelopes on the fly.

3.01 - 2/7/2011
Added Payee, Memo, Check Amount and Date fields to the Voucher Style check layouts.  These fields will print on the voucher stubs along with the detail voucher information.  Misc fixes and updated help text.

3.10 - 3/7/2011
Fixed some issues with the bin selections on the printers screen.  Was not processing/saving the selection when print was called with some printers.  Added the actual system printer name and bin selection to this screen.

3.20 - 11/8/2011
Added filtering option to History Maintenance page. Changed the setting for the totals on page also to line up the totals for grouping. Fixed linking option for Checking for Star Envelope Printer Pro install for W7 64 bit systems. Created a running total of checks printed on a day. This would be for account and totals for the day. Check reports to be able to print by check number.

3.25 - 4/02/2012
Fixed some issues with the reports. Some of the values were being cut off if using very large check amounts.

4.00 - 10/25/2012
New version release. Enlarged interface. Added option to increase the screen font in the program. Removed the Page totalling on the reports, as it contained a running total not a complete total. Added the ability to print a check without entering the date, or amount. Adjustments made for 120 ppi resolution systems.

4.10 - 03/15/2013
Corrected the installation issues with Standard Users. System will now generate users data files during first run.

4.20 - 07/31/2013
Corrected a bug if allowing blank checks to be printed is selected, the program was blanking out the check amount wording inadvertently.

4.30 - 12/18/2015
Corrected a bug for temporary files location in W10. Added option to auto check and display if there are any updates available with an appropriate link to download the latest version.

5.00 - 10/10/2016
New version release. Enlarged interface to handle 4K monitors. Resizing of screens added.  Displays grid of written checks for the day as you enter them. Added report features to page break on Payee report if selected. Added Filter bar to the History Maintenance screen so you can select out whatever field for viewing. Added importing and exporting options, can now export history transactions. Added option to clear out the registry entries for the program to reset back to first installed status. Corrected misc. bug fixes.

5.10 - 1/10/2017
Re-implemented formatting of the printed check amount to contain commas if over 1000.00, not printing the currency symbol, and not using asterisks in the amount. Corrected misc. bug fixes.

5.20 - 1/1/2018
Added option to change or remove /100 from word printing on checks. Changed date reset when printing reports. Auto save of History grid settings. Added option to Void and re-print a check from History screen.  Added option to load a previously printed check from History screen.  Added check number range selection on the reports screen.  Fixed some of the screen sizing saves in the program.  Fixed voucher printing of dates if using expanded date format.

5.30 - 3/8/2018
Fixed bug in Payee import option. Changed display of voucher check layout to fully internal option. This removes accessing pictures externally as to remove possible error accessing in protected system folder.

6.00 - 10/5/2018
New version release. Added 3 checks to a page processing option. Check entries can be batched and printed at one time for 3 per page checks. Added four more alternate date formats to print. Added the description of the check and printer used in the header of the main screen. Just descriptive so you know what printer and check is being used to process the check entry and printer. Added Payee to Account assignment. Now you can assign your Payees to specific accounts so they are not shown or only shown during check entries. Added a custom default cursor positioning selection when creating new checks. Current default was for Payee or Ref#, now you can set to Payee, Date, or each of the Voucher columns if using Voucher checks. Added an external Backup/Restore program to be called from the Windows Start Menu, as if the customer cannot get into the program, they cannot backup the data to be sent in. Added an option to the Accounts screen and file for an option for Active Account. If checked, then it will display in the drop down selection on the main screen. If Not active, then it will not display on the drop down Accounts selection. Added an option to assign categories to the accounts, and to assign during the check entry. These will be used in reporting in a future update. Corrected bug: When loading an address to be printed on the check - fixed the scrolling of the address on the main screen back to line 1 so that you can see the name to be printed on the check with the address.

6.01 - 10/20/2018
Fixed bug in 3 checks per page test print.  Was not correctly printing the test.

6.05 - 11/23/2018
Fixed bug in 3 checks per page printing, was not correctly adjusting printed output.

6.10 - 12/03/2018
Removed issue of Buy Now button being displayed even if registration key has been entered.

6.20 - 3/12/2019
Fix a bug in regards to printing the addresses on the checks.  Added edit checking to the printing of 3 per page checks that you need to batch at least one before you can print. Fixed date manipulation and printing bugs with 3 per page checks.

6.25 - 3/28/2019
Fix bugs during install. Both upgrades and initial installation in regards to database settings.  Few other small fixes too.

6.30 - 4/5/2019
Fixed the Blank Check printing option for all check types.

6.35 - 5/15/2019
Fixed an issue with dates if using different Regional Settings for date formatting.

6.50 - 7/26/2019
Added Check Reconciliation process to mark the printed checks as cashed. Added reporting by Categories both Detail and Summary. Added option to About screen to Create/Open a new or different Star Check Writer Database. Added option to About screen to be able to Move the database to a different location. Removed the Address printing option from the Check Setup screen unless you have selected to Print Addresses on the Accounts Setup screen. Fixed a bug for Category Entries if manually entering as the values were not cleared out from a previous check entry. Fixed bug on 3 per page checks - was printing a blank extra check page.

6.51 - 09/03/2019
Fixed an issue with the check layout screen, was not allowing maximization.  Fixed when selecting a hand written check and processing it, the cursor did not go back to the first entry field. Changed the report layouts to allow for more room for the memo fields.  Changed the Payees report to print vendor on separate line to allow for full memo field to print.

6.52 - 10/15/2019
Fixed an issue with the "-" minus sign key. Bug was overriding the keyboard sequence with an invalid shortcut call.

6.53 - 10/16/2019
Fixed a small menu option shortcut key stroke for resetting system settings saved information. - Ctrl+Alt+R.

7.00 - 08/19/2020
New version release. Added two more Voucher style type checks to the voucher style. These are 12, and 22. 12 = check then one voucher, and 22 = voucher then check at the bottom. Created options for voucher printing of headings or not heading for fields Memo, Payee, and Amount. Fix to voucher year on second voucher. Created new Backup/Restore application. This application can be run outside of the check writer if needed.  There is now a prompt for backup on the exit routine if selected. Miscellaneous fixes.

7.10 - 04/30/2021
Added an option to allow for On-Line/ACH payments to be entered into the history file.  Press F10 to setup the entry and F9 to process it, just like printing a check, but without printing and using the check numbers. Added an Automatic Backup routine and option to the system setup section. You can setup to automatically run the backup procedure without being prompted upon exiting the application.

8.00 - 04/26/2022
New version release. Re-write of the application to new development version on W11 system which required a rewrite for a lot of the coding used in the application. Cleaned up a bunch of internal workings that are not seen but required. New storage of settings for the application has been put into place. Are going to a new theme based graphics system to change the look and feel of the application along with resizing components to display enlarged screens and fields. Added a new update routine to place more control over whether an update is available and free or not. Will keep you from updating if not under Support Maintenance as to not surprise anyone with a need to purchase an update if they don't know or not. Added a new Focus Helper setting that if turned on, will highlight the field that you are currently focused on in a red outline to show you easier exactly where your cursor is located on the screens.

8.10 - 03/20/2021
Added an option to File menu to be able to Open/Create Databases. Created a new WCSU for Checkwriter. Corrected and issue when voiding a check as it was not voiding everything associated with the check based on Category usage. Corrected and issue when creating a new category record. It created a blank record for you to enter information into. If there is already a blank record, you will get a duplicate key. Added an Edit Button to the History screen so the user has to click on it to be able to edit the contents of the History Grid. Change the default to non-editable to prevent errors. Added a few more Custom Date Masking entries to use.  On the History Maintenance screen. made sure to CAPITALIZE the memo/voucher fields if the CAPITALIZE option is set in the Accounts settings. Fixed an issue on the Category selection screen that was causing an error.