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Customer Testimonials Star Check Writer is a great product. In addition to my own checks I'm the treasurer for some local organizations. All have different check sizes. Star Check Writer easily prints out each check type and makes recording them a breeze. The other advantage to print the checks is that bank return statements are much easier to see because they are printed out. Great package.

Michael M.
Oracle Corporation

Customer TestimonialsI purchased 2 Staresoft products; Checkwriter and Envelope Printer. My experience with Check Writer is that it is indispensable in addressing the monthly routine of writing checks. The software is bug free, and the user manuals first class. The documentation and screens were obviously designed to be user friendly. Not only are both products complete in detail, but the professionalism with which the documentation is written is first class. And the appearance of the checks when printed look professional in every way. That is equally true of Envelope Printer.

I had been in main frame software development for Just-in-Time Manufacturing systems, and had written user manuals for such systems. Our main challenge had always been to make systems and documentation easy to understand for the average user. The Starresoft team has obviously done that with great success.

My best wishes to the entire team.

Nicholas Maffei

Customer TestimonialsIn the beginning I had some difficulty in establishing the setup. However, that was due to my lack of reading the instructions. Since then, I have found this checking writing software to be of GREAT help because I have a physical condition that causes my writing hand to shake. This program software is really very good and is easy to use. I definitely would (and have) recommend this program to anyone who hates to write a ton of checks by hand. GO STARRE!!!!!


Customer TestimonialsReally like the check writer program. I hate writing checks by hand. Also when I start to write another check to the same name the program remembers the first begining and types the rest for me. Plus it look great, better that my chicken scratch writing.

Stan Rudz

Customer TestimonialsThis has to be one of the finest programs that Ive seen in a long time. It's easy to set up and it prints my checks perfectly every time. I would certainly reccommend it to a friend or relative. You are to be congratulated on the development of the Star Check Writer program.

Albert W. Veit

Customer TestimonialsYour software is exactly what I expected. I highly recommend your products to everyone who wants to simplify their lives.

Robert Boeckmann

Customer TestimonialsWas getting difficult to write out checks, old age. This is just what I was looking for. Easy setup for the checks I use. The Payees feature is real cool. Once a payee is entered it's there for good. My typing is as old as I am. Well worth the money.

John Dineen

Customer TestimonialsI would like to start by saying I truly appreciated the no nonsense free trial period available without having to give out all sorts of information just to participate--a big plus!!!! The fact that the product was presented that way made me feel the company was confident in their product and not just trying to gather information. I did end up purchasing the star check writer as it performed exactly as advertised--no flaws, no
glitches! I will gladly recommend this company.

Cheryl Demma

Customer TestimonialsHave been looking for a checkwriting program that used prepared checks; many of them don't. Program is extremely flexible, easy to adapt to a user's preferences. Extremely prompt responses to questions--all were answered perfectly. Appreciated the trial version offer. Would highly recommend the program.

Lee Shipman

Customer TestimonialsWas looking for a program that would let me fill in the blanks on our own checks from the computer. . My wife has tremors in her hands and this is a great time saver for her. Glad I found this site and product.

G Ward

Customer TestimonialsI have been looking for a simple check writing software for my company for sometime. I have tried a few different ones, but this one tops them all. It is simple and easy to use. Went from first install to printing checks within 10 minutes.

All of the other more complicated programs were hard to figure out and limited on customizing how the checks would print. This one does exactly what is says and allows easy customization of the check printing.

I downloaded the trial and was ready to purchase in 10 minutes. This software does everything it says and is very user friendly.

Mike Kitchenmaster
Industrial Data Solutions

Customer TestimonialsAs I have gotten older, my handwriting has deteriorated and I am embarrassed by it. This has allowed me to write checks that are legible and neat. I would encourage anyone to investigate this product. The cost is minimal and many times the value of the initial expensive. I particular like the automated features that allow me to easily and quickly write reoccurring checks for dog groomer, gardener, insurance, etc. It is a valuable time saver ad is very easily edited. This is definitely a 5 star product!

James Maxwell

Customer TestimonialsI write a lot of checks some months, and it seems that since computers/keyboards are used so much nowadays my handwriting has gotten less ans less readable. So I searched for software to fill in the checks for me, this product was one of the very few that didn't print an actual check or do more accounting than I want or need.
I have used the software for a few weeks and find that it is easy to use and make adjustments to fit the style of checks I am using. The print set up is easy to use. I have had no problems in the check alignment that was not able to be remedied.
My favorite feature is the drop down box for the payees. Pick a name and go!
The only thing I think I would think would be a nice feature would be: when doing a check set-up print, adding a frame around the area so aligning the check to the printout would be a little easier.

Sandra Bredlow

Customer TestimonialsI have been using this product for over 9 years and find it to be the best of all the rest.

Clyde Chamberlin

Customer TestimonialsEase and professionalism are the key words that explain our reason for subscribing to the check writer service. Sending checks that are neat, legible and organized says that the company operates the same way.

Joseph L. Vitagliano

Customer TestimonialsI pay most of our everyday bills and since I had a stroke 13 years ago my writing of checks is terrible at best. Since then I print my checks on the computer and have been asked what my software was. I gladly tell them Starre in NC.

I gladly tell them where I got the software and try to get them to try it before they buy it at a reasonable price.

The main reason I bought the first software years ago was how simple it was to use and its great price.

John R Davis Jr

Customer TestimonialsJust wanted to let you know that I really like the program. I had used Managing Your Money for check writing for years, but it quit working so I sent looking for a replacement. You program not only replaced it, but adds the imprinted signature. Well done.

Harold Melnick

Customer TestimonialsI needed a simple to use check writing software to do petty cash checks for our company. Star Check Writer software was perfect! Easy to use and exactly what I needed.

Reliable Medical

Customer TestimonialsI have used the check writer and the envelope printer for a couple of years now and I really like the way they make doing these things much easier and faster. My hands are not what they used to be and writing on checks and envelopes became
a chore to do. Saving the information on both products saves a lot of time and effort. There is less chance of making a mistake on checks and envelopes when you have saved the information on them, just click and print. The price is very reasonable and getting the 30 day free trial is a very nice feature to see it you are going to use them for the applications you are needing them for. Great job guys and I would recommend these software titles to anyone to use. The 30 day free trial takes away any risk of buying and then not using it. Give them a try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Hayhurst
Tom's Home Office

Customer TestimonialsI have been searching and searching for a program to fill in the payment information on my already printed 6" checks. I thought I would never find such a program but I have in Star Check Writer. I was able to experiment with the trial version and then purchased the program. No more typewriter filled in checks for me. I highly recommend this software.

James Dunigan

Customer TestimonialsI have Essential Tremors, and this product made me able to print checks. If I had to hand write checks, they would be unreadable.
I would tell friends Starre Software is easy to use. I liked that my signature could be printed on the checks.

Kathy Schuler

Customer TestimonialsThe software is fantastic! I did the 30 day trial and loved it. I bought the quicken books CD before purchasing this and I wish I hadn't. This software was exactly what I was looking for and the best part I enjoy is the input of your signature. Makes writing out a check super easy. Type in the information, click print check and BAM! Your check is printed with the details and a signature of your own is incorporated. Love it! Couldn't be easier. Use it daily. Thank You!

Robert Clay

Customer TestimonialsGreat check writing software , the easiest to set up on standard bank checks. Give it 5 stars all the way, Great software.
I have tried a lot of check writing trials before purchasing this one.
Great work on layout for setting up initial check writing.!

Claude Turner


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