Star Envelope Printer Pro Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 1/01/2001
Initial final product.

1.10 - 2/09/2001
Changed product into shareware. Placed on the Net for all to use. Eliminated saving of return addresses until registered.

1.15 - 3/03/2001
Fixed bug that did not allow more than 4 lines for the address field. Now will print 6. Still testing product, should be out for release in a few days.

1.50 - 04/01/2001
Changed Installation process. Also, made the software fully functional for
30 Days. No disabled features anymore.

1.60 - 5/09/2001
Changed the software database from Borland Database Engine to Advantage Database. This shrinks the installation program in half and uses less resources

1.75 - 6/18/2001
Added an Attn: field to program. If you want to place an Attn: field on the envelope, then it is available.

1.80 - 7/01/2001
Fixed a bug in the printing of small envelopes.

2.00 - 1/25/2002
Added major revisions including a database to store mailing addresses.

2.50 - 7/17/2002
New Enhancements - Changed the interface to be more eye pleasing(at least to us). Removed the picture/graphics database. Added new option to allow for your own logos or pictures to be printed on the envelopes. Added US POSTNET bar code feature. Selected Printer - stays as default for this program only. Removed about panel processing, could cause problems in W98. Clean up processing along with other minor changes.

2.55 - 8/28/2002
Fixed a bug regarding 'Attn:' printing default setting. Was not storing the default selection in the options selection screen.

2.56 - 11/13/2002
Fixed a bug regarding 'Attn:' printing default setting. If no Attn: prefix was selected, it was selecting it anyway.

2.60 - 12/01/2002
Added a feature to select the background, text fields, and screen data description colors to be displayed. Used to default to system backgrounds, but caused some color problems. Added system data files backup and retrieval system to the program. Also added a search field in the Address Database screen.

3.00 - 3/23/2003
New Major Version Released - Changed the interface substantially. Added function for easy selection of return address, along with unlimited return addresses. Added function to allow for unlimited envelope design and printer definitions. Added Batch printing option. Other minor changes.

3.01 - 5/01/2003
Minor Upgrade - Added feature to justify the address information on the envelopes. Also fixed a bug in the restore from archives feature. Can now be installed on International PC's.

3.10 - 6/01/2003
Minor Update - Fixed a couple of minor bugs. Justification settings are now saved on exit
Added new graphic features to illustrate the printer setup functions.
Added new graphic feature to illustrate the Return Address setup functions.
Added all new button and menu icons.
Added direct link for updates check.
New # of envelopes printed display on the About screen.

3.20 - 9/04/2003
Minor Update. Fixed a couple of minor bugs. - Batch printing error fixed. Added Australia Postal Code Lookup.

3.25 - 10/21/2003
Minor Upgrade - Added the following features to the program.
Added Parameter passing to allow calls from other programs to pass Addresses directly to the load screen to print envelopes.
Changed the Import process to allow for different types of import file field layouts.
Changed the printing of Envelope type #10. Now uses the System Settings for your printer.

3.50 - 3/25/2004
Minor Update - Changed the following features to the program.
Added Group sorting/selection to the Address Database and Batch printing. Added an AIRMAIL stamp to print on the Envelope for overseas, etc. notification. New menu visual enhancements. Added Font selection for the Attn field. Fixed import of CSZ formatted files.

3.51 - 4/6/2004
Minor Update - Fixed the following bug. If using multiple printer options, an error was being displayed during certain switching between printers.

3.52 - 4/13/2004
Minor Update - Fixed the following bug. If POSTNET bar codes selected to print and you only had a two line address to print, the bar code would not print.

3.60 - 5/27/2004
Minor Update - Added a feature to check whether you changed the Envelope being used on exit that will prompt you to whether to change it back.

3.65 - 8/15/2004
Minor Update - Added a First Class Message/Stamp option to print on the Envelopes for postal service First Class notification.

4.00 - 7/22/2005
New Major Version Released - Changed the interface slightly. Added a User definable message system that can be printed on each envelope or easily selected. Added option for additional address lines to database. New screen improvements and menus. Added DO NOT BEND stamp. Can easily print Return Mail envelopes. Can now print Address labels too.

4.01 - 8/31/2005
Minor Update - Fixed link to USPS Zip +4 web site lookup.

4.05 - 12/10/2005
Minor Update - Fixed batch printing issue with the additional message print.

4.10 - 10/30/2007
Minor Updates - Mostly just fixes and updates to different areas. Changed data file locations to make Microsoft Vista Compatible

4.20 - 02/16/2008
Minor Updates - Mostly just fixes and updates to different areas. Fixed issue with adding printer definitions. Allow for custom color definitions to screen and printed text.

5.00 - 08/26/2009
New Major Version Released - Many fixes and updates to different areas. Added new screen skinning for visual appearance. New preview feature. Added postal code lookups for Germany and Switzerland.

5.01 - 08/28/2009
Minor Upgrade - Fixed issue with logo image being displayed even if not selected to print on the main page during program load.

5.10 - 05/08/2010
Minor Update - Removed default for screen skin, you must select it to be used.  Fixed issues with screen resizing. Added a screen sizing reset option.

5.20 - 05/07/2012
Minor Update - Changed the build to not install the data files during installation. These will be created when you run the program for the first time. This solves some security issues in the past versions. Mainly to help with W7 installation.

5.30 - 07/24/2012
Minor Update - Changed the processing of the Additional Message field that prints on the envelopes if selected. Corrected some issues when printing. Added saving of printer device settings into program.

5.50 - 10/05/2015
Minor Updates - Fixed small bugs in relation to importing data.

5.60 - 12/10/2015
Minor Updates - Added option to auto check and display if there are any updates available with an appropriate link to download the latest version. Couple of bug fixes are also included in this update.

6.00 - 3/24/2017
New Version Released - Many fixes and updates to different areas. Finally removed POSTNET barcode option as it is no longer supported. Restructured internal options to allow for new updates to be added.

7.00 - 11/22/2019
New Version Upgrade - Added the USPS Intelligent Mail Barcode option to the software.  New table added to allow for new updates. New development system was needed to add IMb option.  Total re-write of product.

7.10 - 08/04/2020
Minor Updates - Added new Backup/Restore application.  Added new Workstation Configuration Setup application.  Added new option to automatically prompt for backup on exit of application.

7.20 - 11/30/2020
Minor Updates - Add new options to the Backup procedure to not call to be performed is calling application from another to print just the envelope like the Star Check Writer.  Added a new Auto Backup routine so if selected it will automatically backup the database on exit into a pre-defined folder to store all backups.

7.30 - 04/01/2021
Minor Updates - Changed some of the internal routines to allow for compatibility using Codeweavers CrossOver on the Mac, Linux, and Chrome.