Star Envelope Printer Pro Testimonials

Customer TestimonialsFor the price, it is the best envelope software that I have seen, and it satisfies my needs in most of those areas.
Yes, the software change the way I prepared my task (interfacing with customer lists from Intuit Invoice Manager (now defunct, but I still am using it).
About buying into the StarreSoft product, the low cost of trying the capabilities of the product are a large inducement.

The feature I liked most on this product was the ability to handle different sized envelopes in the normally page oriented Microsoft environment.

I would like to have more address report listing capability so I can use the lists for manually recording information about what when on (like a mowing or snowplow action on a specific date). The only thing that is really required is customer name and brief address, and space on the right hand side of the page for manual notes

Michael Buckley

Customer TestimonialsI have been looking for a good envelope addressing program since the program I had from another supplier wouldn't upgrade beyond Windows XP. I had been using the formatting feature in Word and WordPerfect, but both were clumsy to work. This program is very intuitive, and functions logically, and every feature is helpful. I only very rarely have to use Help to answer a question---which, by the way, it does extremely well.

I could definitely recommend this product.

Lester K. Kloss, Jr.

Customer Testimonials I like this product because it prints the bar code over the mailing address for one, and with properly printed envelopes rather than hand written envelopes, along with the bar code, your piece of mail gets to it's destination quicker, and it certainly looks more professional as well. Since my hand writing isn't the neatest, this program makes my life much easier when I need to mail something out. I have had occasion to contact customer support, and my questions were answered and problems solved in a timely and professional manner. For the small investment in Star Envelope Printer, it has paid for itself many times over.

Jim V

Customer Testimonials We have used Star Envelope Printer Pro for more than five years. Envelope Printer Pro greatly meets our needs where when we couldn’t find another application to do what it does so well. Starresoft is quick to add feature requests and improvements to the product and continually improves the product over time. Thanks for the great app and support!

Greg C
Uni-Point, LLC

Customer TestimonialsI purchased 2 Staresoft products; Checkwriter and Envelope Printer. My experience with Check Writer is that it is indispensable in addressing the monthly routine of writing checks. The software is bug free, and the user manuals first class. The documentation and screens were obviously designed to be user friendly. Not only are both products complete in detail, but the professionalism with which the documentation is written is first class. And the appearance of the checks when printed look professional in every way. That is equally true of Envelope Printer.

I had been in main frame software development for Just-in-Time Manufacturing systems, and had written user manuals for such systems. Our main challenge had always been to make systems and documentation easy to understand for the average user. The Starresoft team has obviously done that with great success.

My best wishes to the entire team.

Nicholas Maffei

Customer TestimonialsI have used Star Envelope Printer for nearly 9 years now. I've upgraded versions three times now. Works great. Whenever time to send a letter out I know that the appearance of the outside of my company's letter looks very professional. It will print bar codes, even your own business icon. It's very easy to use whether one or two envelopes at a time or a large batch it's just as simple and straight forward.

It's nice to have any number of "return addresses" so the envelope can be personalized whether to another business to your grandson.

More value to me than the cost of the software.

Paul Gordon
Dandy Deals Midwest

Customer TestimonialsThe program works beautifully, even on my Canon printer. It's easy to setup and use.

James Greig

Customer TestimonialsI am not new to this program as I have been using it for a number of years. I recently had computer problems and had to restore a number of programs including this one. So, instead of reinstalling it from my recovery disc I decided that it was worth buying a new version because it is so easy to use, and it is the best of all the other envelope printers I have tested. Coming up on Christmas time I will be printing lots of envelopes and this program makes my jobs a lot easier.

I do not normally talk about this sort of thing, but I have told several friends about Star Envelope and advised them to give it a try before they waste time searching for another on, as some of the others only print one size of envelope. Usually #10.

I like the saved address feature, it is so easy to use.

William Stewart

Customer TestimonialsFor many years I was using an envelope printing software that operated on Windows 3.1 through Windows XP and served me very well. I recently had to replace my computer and am now using Windows 7 but the envelope printing software I had been using is not supported so I had to look for a replacement. Fortunately I found your Star Envelope Printer Pro application and am very pleased with it. It does everything that I

Dennis Varcoe

Customer TestimonialsI have been using this envelope software for over 10 years now and just love it! I have never been able to get used to the envelope
application tied in with the big name office suites. In no way was that ever a simple task. Simply stated this software just works.

My wife and I use it for yearly for our Christmas mailings and we also used it for our wedding invitations. Once you get the correct
dimensions of an envelope into the system off you go with batch printing or whatever else you want like labels and such. It's very
easy to keep up the database and current mailing lists from year to year.

Burkhart Ledeboer
Ledeboer Farms, LLC

Customer TestimonialsBest envelope software out there. Tried about a dozen... Easy to maintain lists, great envelope formatting, simple interface. Like that you can customize everything.

Michael D.

Customer TestimonialsI no longer have to look up or hand write my envelopes with my tenants receipts every month.

I would highly recommend it, especially to anyone who had to address a lot of envelopes every month.

The print group feature is the best. I can just put my envelopes in my printer, select my group and walk away for a few minutes.

Maggie Reynolds

Customer TestimonialsI love this envelope printer. It is very easy to use. This makes my job so much easier. I would even recommend it to those who send Christmas cards or any kind of mailings where thhey need to address multiple mailings.

Sandy Petzker

Customer TestimonialsExcellent Program, it saves me time and effort whenever I address envelopes.
I would recommend this product to everyone.
Ease of addressing envelopes once I have the addresses saved.

Carl Brandon

Customer TestimonialsThere seems to be no easy way to print an envelope. Word processors can do it but it is tedious. I have looked for a simple way to do this, as easily as an old fashioned typewriter can. This product does the job. It will store your mailing lists and return addresses. It can handle any of the odd size envelopes. It can print one envelope or a mailing list easily. Most of all, it is easy to use.

Richard List

Customer TestimonialsI purchased the Star Envelope Printer Pro without even trying the trial version. I had previously purchased the Star Check Writer software and I absolutely loved it so I just knew that I would not be disappointed with the envelope software. And I am as pleased with it as the check writer software. These utility softwares do make life much easier. And the envelope software is now also incorporated into the check writer software so I can write a check and print an envelope at the same time. I highly recommend either or both of these programs.

James Dunigan

Customer TestimonialsI was sick and tired of calling up envelope printing options from office Word software. Time-consuming and a wee bit frustrating at times. Many of my utility bills (still on paper) no longer contain a return envelope as they want you to bill electronically and expect you to comply. I am old school and resist that. I prefer paper records for my steel file cabinet and to write a cheque and mail it in. So I have to print envelopes. I searched for a couple of hours and found a number of envelope print programs but most (including some from CNET) were dangerous downloads according to McAfee. So I avoided those. And some were from Eastern Europe lacking standard North American envelope sizes and postal address formats. And then I stumbled on Starre. I downloaded the trial version and fooled with it for a standard #10 envelope. It did need some tweaking for the return address margins but that was easily done. I did a couple of test runs on the printer and voila perfection! Nice product. So I paid out the $20.00US quite happily for the registered version.

The program is very simple and intuitive. With basic computer knowledge it can be used by just about anyone. I would certainly recommend it to others of a certain age who like paper records. 

Not to prolong this but a much younger friend recently had a PC HDD failure. All her records of financial transactions (electricity, water, municipal taxes, etc.) were on the computer. Thus she had no records of payments and even account or telephone numbers. She was lost and worked many hours to sort matters out. I simply reach to my left as I write and pull the paper file with all that information.

So...I appreciate your program for allowing me to print envelopes to send in bill payments the old-fashioned way. I am sure Boomers love it.

Paul Latour

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