Fax Cover Sheet Creator Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 5/14/2002
Initial final product.

1.10 - 6/01/2002
Changed product to allow for a drop down selection of the Fax Numbers/Names for easier name selection.

1.11 - 6/20/2002
Fixed bug on W98 users that caused an error when selecting Help, About.

1.20 - 8/14/2002
Added a function to copy a displayed Recipient to the Numbers Database.

1.25 - 9/09/2002
Changed the Layout display/print of company logo.

1.30 - 12/16/2002
Added a backup/restore feature. Also added a Notes database for storage of pre-defined notes that will be automatically loaded to the Notes/Comments field of the cover sheet. Also added customization to allow the changing of the background, screen text, entry text, and highlight colors. A few other enhancements were added.

1.50 - 6/25/2003
Added new archive feature. You can now save your fax cover sheets either automatically, or individually. Changed the Help text system. Fixed screen layouts to adjust for XP systems. Added new graphical display features. Spiced it up a little.

1.51 - 9/9/2003
Added fix to allow for International PC’s to install and use.

1.75 - 9/11/2003
Added Spell Checking feature to program.

2.00 - 10/31/2004
New Version includes additional Cover Sheet selections. Parameter passing if called from other programs. Many other new enhancements added.

2.01 - 11/18/2004
Fixed the Backup routine.

2.02 - 11/22/2004
Fixed an Upgrade routine bug.

2.10 - 2/7/2005
Added Web Update Routine.

2.20 - 3/6/2005

Fixed minor bugs. Added a 6 new cover sheet forms to the package. Updated the backup/restore routines, along with a few other minor updates.

2.25 - 4/1/2005
Remove web site link from printed form on registered version.

3.00 - 11/15/2008
New Version includes additional Cover Sheet selections. Added new interface screens. Cleared up visual incompatibilities. Adjusted to make Vista Compatible. Multiple fixes and new features added.

3.01 - 1/5/2009
Fixed a minor bug in the email feature.