EZ Inventory Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 4/24/2006
Initial release of product.

1.01 - 5/22/2006
Added feature to auto capitalize the Item and Vendor files during import, along with options to auto capitalize the whole file on demand. Added option to store grid sorting selections made.

1.10 - 6/05/2006
Added four new reports. Stock Receiving Costs Report, Stock Shipping Costs Report, Stock Costing Report, Stock Sales Value Report. Also added field to define the Costs/Price of the items during a Receiving/Shipping Transaction.
Also created a Network Edition.

1.12 - 7/15/2006
Corrected an error that was happening if installed outside of North America as the Date settings we defaulting to MM/DD/YYYY. You can now select the correct data format in the program.

2.00 - 2/29/2008
New Version Release. Added many new features and reports. Multiple inventory locations, bar code scanning for receiving and shipping. Min-Max reporting, Transaction History maintenance, and many more updates.

2.01 - 10/08/2008
Fixed an issue with the ship process in reference to the Customer ID codes.

2.05 - 11/19/2008
Added a new Full Transaction report to the reports screen.

2.10 - 01/14/2009
Added a new Stock Shipping by Customer report to the reports screen.

2.20 - 07/25/2009
Added screen re-sizing to the program. Small bug fixes to the reports.

2.60 - 12/14/2009
Added Assembly Items and processing. Added Physical Inventory Module. Added Markup Margin fields and processing for item pricing. Misc. bug fixes.

2.70 - 01/17/2010
Fixed a bug with the Export Customer routine. Added customization options to the main screen grid display.  Can now display other item information on this screen.

2.72 - 06/11/2010
Corrected bug with Shipping/Receiving date field value changing back to todays date if modified.

2.75 - 04/24/2011
Added the Item Location field to all the reports. Corrected a few bugs during upgrade conversions.

2.80 - 11/9/2011
Corrected bugs - Item file clear issue, Stock Shipping by Customer and Full Trans report not printing correctly. Added - If shipping or receiving and you change the Date and/or CustCD fields, they will retain the change until you change it again.

2.82 - 1/14/2012
Added the Company Name to the top of all the screens in the form caption. This will help determine easily which database files you are logged into. Added option to allow to open different database files. You can create new databases or create multiple databases now under the File menu. Added a Group by box to the main grid for easy sorting of items by the different displayed fields. Added option to rename the Item CD field to Lot# in the program. This option will allow for tracking of straight lot numbers in a mfg environment. Added transaction statements in UPPER and lower case based on system setup for Cost adjustments and Physical Inventory counts.

2.83 - 3/1/2012
Corrected bugs - If a receipt or shipment is selected and the process canceled, the transaction record is no longer created. Possible missing transaction records issue has been fixed. When selecting to delete an item, you will now be prompted to also delete the associated transaction history records.

2.84 - 3/8/2012
Added option in the reports selection screen to Sort Report by Item CD, Date. This will sort the Transaction and costing reports by Item CD, then Date, instead of the default which is by Date, then Item CD. Made a change main screen grid re-fresh procedure to speed up processing.

2.84.3 - 5/22/2012
Corrected miscellaneous reporting bugs.

2.85 - 6/06/2012
Changed the processing of Assemblies. Added a Virtual Qty OH for Assemblies to allow you to see the quantity of possible assemblies available based on its parts qty to assemble the item. Miscellaneous small bug fixes.

2.86 - 6/9/2013
Corrected miscellaneous reporting bugs

2.87 - 11/27/2013
Corrected miscellaneous reporting bugs when logged on as a Windows Standard User. Corrected margin issues when printing reports with some inkjet printers. Tab Order issue on the Inventory History Maintenance screen. Modified the Installer to allow changes to the default installation path. Changed the processing after adding a new Item/Lot# for the alternate barcode screen, as it was not recognized until a restart.