Star Purchase Order Version History

Version History:

1.00 - 5/18/2014
Initial release of product.

2.00 - 3/27/2015
Updated to production version available to the public. All features functional.

2.10 - 3/27/2017
Update - Added option to remove Authorized Signature line from printed PO. This is used if only sending PO's via email.

3.00 - 6/7/2018
New Version - Added the following options to the software. Email delivery of P.O.'s. Either via MAPI or internally from the program using your own email account. Added more space on printe PO for longer item numbers to print correctly. Added the PO/Job Description field to the main screen grid to be able to see more information about the underlying PO without opening it up. Added new fields to the Vendor file to store online account information if you wish. Added a Backup and Restore procedure to allow for backing up or restoring databases.