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Current Version - 12.50

Price: $299.00


Product Information and Features

Looking for a value added solution to print BOL's for your customers? Let us introduce you to the Star Bill of Lading Carrier Edition.

Let us create a customized version of our Award Winning Bill of Lading software product for you to give to your Customers at no charge to them. Our Customized Carrier Edition can be placed on your web site for your customers to access and download at no charge whatsoever. Or, we can generate copies on CD so your sales personnel can pass out to their customers. If you need us to host the downloads, then we can do this too. We are here to help. Show your customers you care and give them something they can actually use. We fully support the software via our online Help Desk, so you do not have to do anything. There are no extra costs (except for CD's if you choose to have them created.)

The software is the same as our Network Edition of our Award winning Star Bill of Lading software with the following exception.
Your customers can only create BOL's with your Company as the Carrier. The system will install onto your customers system, pre-loaded with your Company name.
This drives more business to you as they cannot use the software for any other Carrier. Now, if the customer wants to use other Carriers, they will have to purchase the full version of our software directly from us. You have no involvement other than giving them a time tested software solution to create their BOL's. All Support is handled directly between the Customer and Us, so you do not need to incur any expenses to support the software. As we handle everything in house. We have a staff that is well versed with the inter workings of the program so the customers feel good if they ever need to contact us. And we supply this support service at no charge, so how could you ask for anything else.

There is only a customization fee involved with creating your own version of our software. The costs is only $299.00 usd. This gives you your own version customized with your Company as the only Carrier capable to print on the bills. You are given an unlimited number of copies to give away to your Customers. Whether you have 10 Customers or 10000, the value is exceptional. We do charge a yearly upgrade/updates/support fee for you to keep up to date with the current version of our software. This cost is only $109.95 usd per year, and does not get charged until a year after you purchase and implement this offering. If you have any questions, please contact our Sales staff directly at 336-756-STAR or we can be reached via our Help Desk. We can answer any and all questions, just ask.

Here is what you receive with your Carrier Edition of our BOL software.

Star BOL CE program is capable of printing all of your Bill of Lading short form requirements to a standard Laser Printer. It saves you Time and Money every time you use it. No more Expensive Forms to purchase. No more hand writing, or typing to a form is needed. Just fill in the product shipment info, select a trucking company, click on Print and you are done. There is a default number of copies that you define. It cannot be any easier. Keeps a log of all your BOL's, for research purposes, or to reprint, you can even Copy/New. (Creates a new BOL from a copy). There are so many features to help you in this process that it is just better to download and try them out for yourself. Or, just request a Demo CD, and we will gladly send one to you.


Listed below are many of the features that are included in this fine software product.

* Prints to standard Letter or Legal sized paper.
* Stores Consignee Information for easy retrieval. Includes Quick Add function for easy addition.
* Stores Item Information along with defaults. (weights, pkg, etc.)
* Up to 5 Concurrent users can access the software at one time.
* Multiple Deliver to’s assigned to Consignee.
* Prints Shipping Labels - Using Avery 5168, 5163, 5164, 5165, 5526, type labels or Bar Code type printers.
* Prepaid/Collect/Third Party Billing
* Collect payment processing.
* Special Instructions database - Defaults by Consignee.
* Routing Information - Defaults by Consignee.
* Hazardous Material Processing. (US Shippers)
* Dangerous Goods Processing. (Canadian Shippers)
* Multiple Shipper Capabilities
* Prints up to 6 copies at a time.
* Print Blank BOL’s - Just in case.
* Send BOL's via email.
* Send Shipment Tracking link via email to Consignee.
* Customizable field display. Only display fields you use, remove the ones you never use.
* Copy/New BOL Creation - Stop re-keying the same info over and over again.
* Reports/Lists, Daily Manifest, Consignee Manifest, BOL report, Shipping report, Daily Carrier Manifest, along with database file listings.
* Add-Ins available for more options.
* Send Reports to Excel Database for further processing.
* Stable Database System
* Ability to place Graphic Logo on BOL printout.
* Custom Messaging on copies of BOL
* File/Data Import Capable for Consignees, Deliver-to's, Items and Shippers
* Print to Dot-Matrix printers on Pre-Printed Forms, or on multi-part carbonless paper. - Pre-Printed Forms available for purchase.
* Too many new features to list. Download a copy today and evaluate the software yourself. You will not be disappointed
* Windows XP, Vista, W7, W8, W10, and Windows 11 Compatible. This software can run on a stand-alone workstation or in a network environment.
* Compatible with MAC using Codeweavers Crossover product.
* Compatible with LINUX using Codeweavers Crossover product.
* Compatible with CHROME OS using Codeweavers Crossover product.

Custom Modifications are also available. Just Call us at 336-756-STAR to discuss your requirements. Send us an email to support @ Contact us any way you wish, as you will receive an Estimate for the mods/changes. No pressure involved.

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MAC, LINUX, and Chrome OS Compatible using Codeweavers Crossover

Price: $299.00
Trial Period: 30 days
Version: 12.50
File Size: 27.7 Mb

Security Notice

None of our software products contain any Spyware, Viruses, or anything that would cause any harm to your systems. We also do not add any other softwares during the installs offered by many developers as add-ins during the installations of our products. What you do receive is our software and ours only.

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